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My cattery name combines my love  of the Manx cat breed with my love of the beautiful mountains that I live in.  All of my cats and kittens are CFA registered, most colors are available.  My kittens are born and raised in my home with an abundance of love and attention. 

Shipping fee is $250, this includes, vet check, pet carrier and flight.  I do not use the rabies vaccines on my kittens.

Slieau: slew (n) Manx Gaelic term meaning mountain or hillside

Available kittens:

1 black male
2 black and whiteKittens.htmlKittens.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Slieau  Funny Girl

My interest in Manx cats began years ago when my daughter was about 10 years old. She came home from school with a small cute kitten in her arms. Crying she said "Look Mama, its tail has been cut off". She wanted me take it to the vet, so I jumped in the car and started my life long journey with the Manx.

With a big smile on her face my vet informed me that our kitten was not injured but born that way.  Since that time I have learned that Manx is a breed and not a degree of taillessness but the personality of the Manx won my heart forever.

 Shirley Hemin